Hello everyone!My name is Doctor Reema . I am working with NGO Jayshree Daduram Seva Trust in India to help Underprivileged kids and others to get education and serving free meals to everyone. We are quite small community of volunteers but we are working hard to get extra support from others.  Here is some information on our NGO:

Jayshree Daduram Seva Trust is a NGO formed in the 1998 ,providing free meal services to underprivileged population without any religious bias or differences ,around the outskirts of the city of Vadodara. We also run a dedicated kitchen for anyone and everyone who knocks our doors at any time of the day.

The vision originally was initiated by our enlightened Saint and mystic Sadhguru Mast Daduram Bapu who has dedicated all his life in preaching people the path of selfless service.Sadguruji has supported several underprivileged families in the village of Chanvada to gain livelihood and educate their kids.Sadguruji has also sponsored children for education and trained them in yoga abhyas and pranayam. He quotes " the best practice to feel God is by feeding the hungry and we are all a part of the big family called MOTHER EARTH."