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Startup Hub
Startup Hub

The one-stop discussion channel for anyone starting out in the nonprofit ecosystem:

  • Get relevant information on how to set up a non-profit organization in your region
  • Learn about legal documentation, regulations & compliance
  • Meet and engage with potential mentors to plan truly effective campaigns
  • Onboarding and managing boards members

...and a lot more to help your nonprofit get off the ground!

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Let me introduce myself...

Hello to you all!

I hope you are living your best life wherever you are.

I'm Samy, my friends call me Mansa and I'm grateful to be a member of this community and excited to learn more and stay in... (More)

Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, I have just joined Donorbox community! Well! I am Novaira, founder of Enlightism, a website which I recently started for youth academic and personal development!

Best books about fundraising appeals

Hey there Donorbox Community,

We just signed off on a great Community roundtable where we talked about fundraising appeals. @Jena Lynch will share that video soon.

As far as fundraising appeals go, it sounds like a lot of our organizations... (More)

Fun Fact Friday! Who attends fundraising events?

56% of donors worldwide regularly attend fundraising events! (Source: Double the Donation)

What does that mean for you? It means it's essential to incorporate events into your annual development plans. We've learned that organizations who engage their supporters through digital... (More)