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Startup Hub
Startup Hub

The one-stop discussion channel for anyone starting out in the nonprofit ecosystem:

  • Get relevant information on how to set up a non-profit organization in your region
  • Learn about legal documentation, regulations & compliance
  • Meet and engage with potential mentors to plan truly effective campaigns
  • Onboarding and managing boards members

...and a lot more to help your nonprofit get off the ground!

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What would you do next?

The GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation is a start-up organization that created the Prison Project. The Board is a "workhorse" Board whose volunteers have developed some traction nationwide in promoting the project which works at the thought management level with... (More)

Start up revenue?

Ahoy, my name is Terry, I am the executive director of Ocean Dreams Healing Center. Our organization is about 19 months since starting. Our mission is to provide Hope, Healing, Education & Relief from the day-to-day stresses of dealing with... (More)

Hi @AMANDA GORDON44! Congratulations on starting your nonprofit! That's huge! Now, it's time to start raising money to make an impact, right?

I often recommend starting with your closest supporters and working outward. So, engage your board members, friends,... (More)

When we were first starting out I was lost in the maze of information at the IRS, you do need at least 3 board members to start out as a 501c3 organization. President, Vice President and then you can have... (More)