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Nonprofit Resources
Nonprofit Resources

The one-stop repository of information and resources for everyone in the nonprofit ecosystem.

You can post templates, website links, articles, and anything else that can help your fellow members. 

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Text to Give subscription question

Hey Jena - you may have said this on today's webinar but I didn't write it down. If we do the more expensive Text to Give plan for a specific campaign (ie YE or other), we can downgrade or stop... (More)

FREE Panelist Discussion Webinar

Creating a Culture to Build & Maintain a Brand

September 15 | 2pm

Promotions, work from home situations, and staffing turnovers can cause a shift in an organization’s internal culture and brand awareness. Due to the pandemic, an increase in... (More)

Help with sponsorship

Hello, Cathy here, I'm new here and I am seeking grants/funding for my organization. I have done much research and I kind of know what I eligible for. The only issue is, I don't have my 5031c yet. Waiting on... (More)

Are your donors on summer vacation?

🎶 Summertiiiiiime and the givin' is eeeasy. 🎶

Well...not all the time.

If you're a nonprofit, the summer months can be a tough time to keep your donors engaged.

You know how it is—everyone's on vacation, and you're left wondering... (More)