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Emily-Anne Buck
Director of Business Development, Renew Clinic

I would LOVE feedback on my campaign statement! I want to get this right to put out for our upcoming fundraiser breakfast in November!

(Renew Clinic is a Christ-Centered drug and alcohol recovery treatment program FYI :) )


Renew Clinic has a waiting list of potential participants that we at times have to turn away due to a dire need of hiring more... (More)

Hello! Thank you for this question. As a long-time Volunteer Manager, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to get a new volunteer program off the ground. I've got a few follow-up questions for you that will help guide... (More)

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Creating a Culture to Build & Maintain a Brand

September 15 | 2pm

Promotions, work from home situations, and staffing turnovers can cause a shift in an organization’s internal culture and brand awareness. Due to the pandemic, an increase in... (More)

Voted for Email has always been relevant and always will be!

We do 2 newsletters a week, almost always Tues and Thur. Sometimes there will be a third one if we have an announcement or urgent situation, but that's only a few times a year. I've done them daily before, but... (More)