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Donorbox PowerUp
Donorbox PowerUp

Donorbox PowerUp: Nonprofit Fundraising bootcamp consists of 4 impactful sessions. We are committed that this bootcamp be impactful and hands-on. 

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Donorbox PowerUp: Complete Year-end Fundraising Course for Nonprofits

Donorbox PowerUp: Level 4, Ignite Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign with 7 Impactful Strategies

Here are the 7 key fundraising strategies you'll take away from Level 4 - Launch:

  1. Make your campaign accessible
  2. Create a plan for donor engagement
  3. Create an emotional connection
  4. Include an educational element
  5. Invite your donor be the doer
  6. Consider... (More)

Translation issue

hi all!

I have created a campaign page in Dutch. That works very nicely, however there are 2 items that do not translate:

  • help us by sharing our campaign
  • the section how to receive updates

Anyone ideas how to change... (More)

this post relates to the donation receipt email that donors receive shortly after donating

xwy don’t use capital letters , which is not only xwyr style but it is also an inherent part of xwyr branding . xwy would like to be able to replace the capital letters in the form fields with lowercase... (More)