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Creator's Corner
Creator's Corner

We're excited to announce our new channel, "Creator's Corner." This is a space for you to share your creativity with the Community. Whether you have a podcast, blog, newsletter, or Youtube channel—whatever it is—we want to see it!

Or maybe you're looking for inspiration? Maybe you have a go-to resource that you love? If so, this is a great place to start and share!


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The Persuasive Power of Strong Case Statements, The Nonprofit Podcast - Ep 29

Own the Why! Take 10 minutes to change your Giving Season outcomes with the persuasive power of a strong case statement 🎙📈

Case statement, case for support, just as it has multiple impact points this donation catalyzing tool also has... (More)

Voted for Email has always been relevant and always will be!

We do 2 newsletters a week, almost always Tues and Thur. Sometimes there will be a third one if we have an announcement or urgent situation, but that's only a few times a year. I've done them daily before, but... (More)

Identity, Dignity, Democracy! Spread the Vote with @Kat Calvin | The Nonprofit Podcast - Ep 26

Spread the Vote founder Kat Calvin is inspiring and profoundly practical in her approach to resolving the daily challenges millions of Americans face in their struggle to obtain valid photo IDs.

Unconventional in her approach, and fearless in her determination,... (More)

The Donate Button is Not Enough: Inside Track on Donation Pages | The Nonprofit Podcast - Episode 23

Never underestimate the value of your donation page! Giving Season is on the way, and to get you ready @Cara Augspurger is taking a deep dive into the common and costly ‘mistakes’ we see on nonprofit donation pages with Donorbox... (More)