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Emily Rauch
Exec Dir & co-Founder Luena Foundation
Asked a question 14 days ago

I have practically zero mindshare from my BOD and have tried all the tricks in the trade (board pledge, hard copy annual reports for their contacts, offered to bring them onto the field with us, etc). They all do donate a little , but they’re basically they’re a non-working board. I think after our fiscal YE I am going to ask for some resignations, but first I need to find new board members. Anyone have any advice for me? Where should we be looking?

Where am I?

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Amr Zain
Managing Partner - Ace Corp

Hi Emily, I recommend developing a list of profiles of BOD of similar companies in your field (Luena Foundation) and reviewing their track record. People from the same field and many years of successful milestones are the closest match.