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Monique Moore
Highlands Youth Boxing Inc.
Asked a question 2 months ago

Any good ideas for a nonprofit organization fundraiser??

Where am I?

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Elliott Valentine
Development Manager, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra

Hi Monique - Giving Tuesday coming up could be a good time for you to bring in financial support. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving which includes fundraising campaigns by all sorts of organizations. Donations raised on Giving Tuesday have increased every year since it was started in 2012.

Donorbox has a good guide that covers all of the basics:

My suggestion would be to use Facebook and email to share a few specific stories and photos (video if you can) about real people your organization has worked with this year. Ask for a special Giving Tuesday donation, then send readers to an attractive giving page that reiterates the impact their donations will have (you can set one up via Donorbox if you don't have your own website).

Another strategy you could try (for Giving Tuesday or any time) is a match challenge. If you have one or two larger donors already, ask them to set a match challenge. Perhaps they put up $1,000 that is unlocked if you get 20 other donors in one day.

Real photos and real quotes from people who benefit from the donations will go a long way!

Best of luck!