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Asked a question 10 days ago

A former colleague of mine asked this question so I thought I'd ask it here as well: I recently stepped into a development role after being an ED with another nonprofit (Monday was my first day). I am going through my predecessor's files on a time sensitive funding program where pledges were made from long time donors. I need to reach out to these long time donors to follow-up on their pledge to meet the deadline and wanted to know the best way to handle that while also introducing myself. I've never handled pledges in my previous role so any recommendations on language would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi there -- pledges are sometimes tough to navigate. With a signed pledge agreement, a nonprofit can count that forthcoming money as revenue, so it's important that they are pursued! 

First, you probably have the very best reason to reach out -- to introduce yourself. And, "Hey, while I've got you... I noticed this pledge...." Then, to make it a little less awkward, you can say, I have an updated statement that I'll send you (and then explain where they can find, mail, etc.)

Here's some sample wording I've personally used in the past (I dusted off some old files for this!)

Example 1 (kind of stuffy, if you ask me!): Thank you for joining in the <<Campaign>> to ensure a <<mission of campaign>>. Your <<Campaign name>> Pledge of $1,500.00 is appreciated.  

Your pledge indicates your intention to make annual installments of $500.00 each year for three years. A statement of your reminder appears on the below remittance form. 

Example 2 (better): 

Dear <<Name>>,

Our records show you made a pledge of $«Pledged_amount» in support of <<Campaign Name.>> Thank you for your support of the Campaign!

The <<project status>> and you have played a huge role in that. Please use the slip below to return your pledge payment to ensure things continue to run smoothly!  

<<Organization>> offers two convenient ways to get caught up on your pledge:

  • Online via our secure website at <<website>>
  • By mail, sending your check and the bottom portion of this letter.

Thank you for your willingness to make a difference. As always, you can reach me with questions or concerns at <<contact info>>.

Hope that's helpful! Good luck!