As we move to more in-person events, I have a feeling we'll see more gala event fundraisers return. What is a gala event, anyway? it a good fit for your nonprofit?

I've attended both fancy and casual gala events. Both really work well, depending on the organization. Supporters "purchase" a table and invite their friends to hear more about your organization and all the good it's doing in this world. You provide some food, drinks, and entertainment and have a captive audience to engage with your mission and rally together around a fundraising goal. 

There are a lot of moving parts to align to deliver on a successful gala, that's for sure! Although nonprofit leaders sometimes stray away from organizing galas because they can be a lot of work, a nonprofit of any size can organize a gala.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our best gala fundraising ideas.

What do you think? Are galas an effective use of time and resources to raise awareness, introduce new audiences, and raise money? Or are there virtual or other methods that you prefer instead? Let me know!