What is Google Ad Grants?
The Google Ad Grant gives 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations $10,000 each month to spend on ads in Google search. This allows you to reach the thousands of people searching for your cause and raise awareness about your mission on a much larger scale.


What can you do with Google Ad Grants?The Google Ad Grants program can add $120,000 a year to your nonprofit’s advertising budget and give outreach a whole new meaning and cast your nonprofit's marketing net wider than ever.

  • Make donors aware of your cause
  • Increase donations
  • Acquire more memberships
  • Get more volunteers to join your cause‍

... and much more‍

How can your nonprofit acquire and maximize the potential of the $10,000/month Google Ad Grant?
In this recording, you'll hear lessons learned from experience managing the Google Grant for hundreds of nonprofit organizations.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How can the Google Ad Grant help my nonprofit?
  • Is my organization eligible for the Google Grant?
  • How does my website impact Google Grant performance?
  • Do most nonprofits spend the full $10k each month? Does it matter?
  • What results should I expect?

... and more during our Q&A session

You can download the slide deck using this link.

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