Donation pages are popular because they can be the most effective way to raise funds if you do it right!  So,  join Donorbox for powerful best-practice insights to unlock the full potential of your nonprofit donation page, ensuring you do it best!

Donation page-based online giving has driven increases of up to 58%, but there are other significant advantages to knowing how to make the most of your Donorbox platform.  From tracking and collecting data to inform your online funding strategy and streamline donor relationship management, to the big bang benefit to your visitor to donor conversion bottom-line. This rate can jump a full 20% over average with the right page design, storytelling, and donation options offered! We share these, and other insider tips throughout this 7-part series on making your donation page a central pillar in your fundraising strategy.

Video Chapters: 

0:00 - Intro 

00:31 - Donation Page Based Online Giving 

01:21 - Highlighting Donation Button 

01:37 - Don't Distract Your Donor 

02:01 - Call to Action

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Thanks for registering for the Community Meetup taking place this Friday! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and reviewing your donation pages. I thought I'd share Ep. 1 of our Donation Page Best Practices to help get you started. Comment below if you'd like me to share the other episodes throughout the week!