I recently helped a local organization craft a spring fundraising appeal. They had a need to boost revenue to get them through the summer months. 

We all think of year-end fundraisers, but what about spring, too? It's often overlooked, but is a great time to reach out (especially if other organizations aren't doing so!). This particular fundraiser wasn't as intensive as their usual year-end piece, so it was really a great, yet simple, addition to their fundraising strategy. 

Here's the approach they took: 

  1. The Case for Support - The organization is launching a new programming initiative and thought it would be good to celebrate and ask if individuals would consider giving to the vision of all that's ahead. 
  2. Segments -- There were some donors who gave more than twice in 2021, but weren't recurring donors. Guess what?! The organization shared a really compelling reason to support monthly and asked those donors if they would step into that commitment. Then there were some donors who gave in 2019 and 2020, but not in 2021. The organization shared with them that their last gift was put to work for some really great efforts and asked if they'd renew their support again this year. 
  3. The delivery -- This organization found a full-service mail house that will merge, print, and mail a direct mail letter. They plan to follow up with a series of two emails (with a call to action to give, plus a "give now" button) using some great photos and images and similar copy to the direct mail letter. They'll remove donors from that email distribution list once they've given. 

    I think donors have a different mindset this time of year than at year-end and might find some good news from their favorite organization quite refreshing! 

    What about you? Do you do anything special this time of year to encourage donations to your organization? I'd love to know more!