A big thank you to @Elaine Cosby, @Anand Mission, @Asia Adams Save OUR Children Foundation...Shelah Harper, ED, @Eve, @Emily Rauch , @Richard Van Dyke, @Solojour Alfredino Tembo,  and @Vincent Ekakitie for attending today's Donation Page Review Meetup. 

It is always so inspiring and energizing to meet the incredible people behind these incredible causes!

If you have any questions about the notes we gave you during today's call (or any other follow-up questions), please don't hesitate to drop them here! 

And as you edit your donation page/form, please share them in this channel so that we can provide feedback along the way - we're always happy to help!

With gratitude,
Jena, @Bobbi-Jo Rockstrom, & @Cara Augspurger