(Renew Clinic is a Christ-Centered drug and alcohol recovery treatment program FYI :) )


Renew Clinic has a waiting list of potential participants that we at times have to turn away due to a dire need of hiring more staff. These are moms, dads, local business owners to doctors in our community that can't receive treatment for their addiction due to our program being full.  If they do receive placement in our program, 50% of them have the inability to pay, whether that be because of insurance or other financial issues. 

Renew Clinic provides the only Christ-centered intensive outpatient treatment in Knoxville as well as a scholarship fund for those that can't pay so that they are not turned away. 


Your gift of $350 a month would provide one participant with a full scholarship. Your monthly gift of $500 or more would help us hire a new clinician so that we can rid of our waiting list and get all of those seeking treatment, immediate care and back home with their loved ones as a new person free from addiction! 


*Thoughts? I know it's long but we have several needs! Also, wish there is a better way to ask for monthly donations? Maybe it's just fine? I'm just thinking how many really are willing to give 350-500a month, but if I lower it to say, $50-100 a month, I am not sure which to tell them it goes towards. THANK YOU!