Of every fundraising strategy out there, monthly gifts boost the highest ROI. How much? A mere 2 to 5 cents for every dollar raised.  (Source: Erica Waasdorp, Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant.)

What does that mean for organizations like you? If a monthly giving program is not part of the organization's fundraising strategy, it should be. It's well worth the effort.  

I also learned some great tips recently from Donorbox's @Bobbi-Jo Rockstrom :

  1. On Donorbox giving forms, the monthly donation ask amount can (and should!) be different from the one-time ask amounts.  (Hint: Monthly ask amounts should be LOWER)
  2. To determine a good mid-level monthly ask amount, look at the organization's average gift size and divide that by three. Then add in a selection a little lower and a little higher on the giving form.
  3. Organizations often find it successful to tie that ask amount to a tangible outcome and display that on the giving form (e.g. $15 provides after school snacks for a week)