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Asking for help building my website! Any pros? Suggestions?

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Austin Meadows
Austin Meadows

Hi @Cathy Williams 
You need to have a plan before you build.

  1. ID your website goals. What do you think you want it to do?
  2. Who is the target audience? Is there more than one audience?
  3. What Domain name is available? Can it be your organizations name? If not, does it describe your organization? is it too long or too short (Think how it will be used in content and email addresses)
  4. Think out the flow of a website visit. Would someone applying for assistance have the same path as someone that wants to donate or wants to volunteer?
  5. Plan your design/style guide not only for graphics but for your written content as well.
  6. Create your written content.
  7. Describe your images to go along with your written content and flow path. (Do not try to make due with what images you already have to make it fit - It will not tell your story.
  8. Once you have all the above done and your happy with it now you can pick a website platform. (I would highly suggest using a CMS Content Management System platform like SquareSpace. Yes, you may need to have someone initially help you build out your website. Once it's laid out you will feel more comfortable to make content changes and updates when you want it done and not at web developer's schedule.)
  9. Now that you're website is built and on the interwebs are you done? NO it should be like a living document tweaking here and there. is there a page or section that is used more that others? Should it be on the homepage vs buried  three clicks in?

Sorry to have you drink from the firehose, but it is more planning than execution and during that planning you find all the moving parts.

Hope this helps

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