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Nonprofit Resources
Nonprofit Resources

The one-stop repository of information and resources for everyone in the nonprofit ecosystem.

You can post templates, website links, articles, and anything else that can help your fellow members. 

Help with sponsorship

Hello, Cathy here, I'm new here and I am seeking grants/funding for my organization. I have done much research and I kind of know what I eligible for. The only issue is, I don't have my 5031c yet. Waiting on... (More)

Are your donors on summer vacation?

🎶 Summertiiiiiime and the givin' is eeeasy. 🎶

Well...not all the time.

If you're a nonprofit, the summer months can be a tough time to keep your donors engaged.

You know how it is—everyone's on vacation, and you're left wondering... (More)

Leave a Resource, Take a Resource!

Hey, Nonprofit Peers!

We know you want to take advantage of every opportunity you can to grow your organization and make a difference in the world.

But how many times have you been frustrated by trying to find the perfect... (More)

Announcing our new "Creator's Corner" channel!

Hey nonprofit peers!

I'm excited to announce a brand new channel in our Donorbox Knowledge Community: Creator's Corner.

If you're a nonprofit professional/thought-leader who loves to create, this is the channel for you! Whether you have a podcast, blog,... (More)